Preserving Smith Island -- its People, Culture, and Natural Beauty

Welcome to the Smith Island United Website!

Who We Are

We are the people of Smith Island, in the Great State of Maryland! Our island is 12 miles offshore, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. We have a strong belief in our faith, our family, and our community.

Our Philosophy

Our island community has existed for over 400 years. Smith Island United accepts it as our responsibility to ensure that this island, its people, and its culture are around 400 years from now.

The Smith Island United Leadership Team

Smith Island United is led by a nine member Executive Committee, which is comprised of an equal number of elected members from each of the Island's three communities: Ewell, Rhodes Point, and Tylerton. Each community is represented on the Committee by two full-time residents and one part-time resident, all of whom care deeply about the past, present, and future of the Island and its residents. Here are the elected members of the current Executive Committee:

Eddie Somers, President

Mark Kitching, Vice President

Buddy Evans, Treasurer

Missy Evans, Secretary

Johnny Crants Tyler

Pal Bradshaw

Dr. Robert Floros

Chris Marshall

Jessie Marsh

Smith Island Vision Plan

Please click on the "Smith Island Vision Plan" image to access the final, approved vision plan. This must-read plan describes a vision of how Smith Island will look, feel, and thrive in the coming decades. Achieving this vision centers around 5 interdependent themes:

.....Sustenance and growth of the watermen culture

.....Viability of the local economy

.....Development and maintenance of infrastructure

.....Development of reliable and sustainable transportation

.....Need to grow the year-round population of the Island