Preserving Smith Island -- its People, Culture, and Natural Beauty


Below are links to websites that contain useful information about, and related to, Smith Island:

.....Ben Blackshaw app (Designed for anyone interested in knowing more about Smith Island, this app contains real-time information about the Island's culture, restaurants, shopping, and travel)

..........For download to iPhone

..........For download to Android

.....Discover Smith Island (Smith Island - A True Island Community in the Heart of the Chesapeake Bay)

.....Jay Fleming Photography (Photographer and author of Working The Water)

.....Pauli Eades (The artwork of Smith Island resident, Pauli Zmolek)

.....Robert Blake Whitehill (Author of the Ben Blackshaw series of books that are set in, and around, Smith Island)

.....Smith Island Experience (a great informational website developed by Smith Island resident, Pam DelDuco)

.....Smith Island This Week (Ferry Schedules, Groceries and Markets, House Rentals, Restaurants, etc.)

.....Still, the Faithful Sing: A Glimpse of Life on Maryland's Smith Island (by multiple contributors)

Features:  a. Foreword by Eastern Shore native, Robert Blake Whitehill; b. 10 brief narratives about the past, present, and future of Smith Island; c. "Scraping the Shallows", a photo essay by Jay Fleming; and d. Artwork by Island resident, Pauli Eades.   

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.....Working The Water(by Jay Fleming)

A visual narrative of the lives of those individuals whose livelihood is directly dependent upon the Chesapeake Bay — America’s largest estuary.